First of all, a little bit about me…I am a Senior Developer for VUALTO, acting as technical lead on a number of big projects, whilst contributing to others. What exactly is a Senior Developer you may ask? Despite being very close to the big 4-0 it isn’t to do with age – to me, a Senior Developer is both an expert in one or more areas but also a bit of a “jack of all trades”, as well as a people person.

My expertise is server-side code and systems. I’m not going to claim I’m an expert per se, but I certainly feel it is my strength. Does a project need two or more systems to talk to each other – i.e. systems integration? That’s also my ‘thing’. I quite enjoy working it out. I think you also need to be aware of your weaknesses. In my case – if I need a nice shiny button to do something cool on the front end, I’ll try, but it isn’t my strong suit…!

Being the lead on projects is an interesting role because some of the people I lead are better than me at some aspects of that project – as they should be. I find it very interesting to find out what people are good at and how they can contribute to the project, and what they can teach me! I’ve learnt so much from junior members of the team – but don’t tell them that please!

Years of experience (I have 10, maybe more. I’ve lost count) mean that I’ve seen similar situations and similar problems repeatedly – but this is not always an advantage. New developers bring new ideas and new approaches, and that keeps things refreshing, interesting and innovative.

So, it’s always important to think about the team as a whole, who can bring what, and how everyone can help achieve the end goal – which in our case is making great software for discerning customers. One thing I certainly have learnt is to realise the value of the people around you and working together to solve challenges, is at the heart of an innovative and successful team. At VUALTO, it’s fair to say we have teamwork in abundance and it’s this collaborative, inclusive and ambitious approach that enables us to ‘Make Your Online Video Happen’.

The VUALTO team continue to grow from strength the strength and 2018 is set to be another exciting year for us! If you would like to be a part of the fun, take a look at the current opportunities here https://www.vualto.com/company/join-our-team/