The latest update to the VUALTO CONTROL HUB makes your video orchestration even easier, with the addition of metadata templates.

So often we see clients using different metadata values for each individual piece of content, which can be both time consuming and costly to implement. With this in mind, we have now made it simple for clients to develop their own custom property workflows. Both options below offer flexibility and cost savings, as the need for bespoke work is removed.

1) For clients who require pre-defined fields, we have a set of predefined templates which are ready to use.
2) For clients who have requirements that go beyond these templates, we have made it possible for them to set up their own templates with ease.

Using the VUALTO CONTROL HUB software, you have the power to choose the appropriate workflow to assign, with unlimited metadata. You are able to switch quickly and with ease for each piece of content. This enables you to stay focused and streamlined, offers a highly flexible solution and saves you valuable time and money.

Metadata templates VUALTO

The VUALTO CONTROL HUB is currently in use by numerous Broadcasters and Content Owners to manage all aspects of the video streaming workflow. Developed out of deep understanding for content owners needs and following extensive work experience on bespoke projects, the VUALTO CONTROL HUB brings integration with the encoders, streaming servers, workflow rules and DRM into a single set of APIs and GUI.

The VUALTO CONTROL HUB can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise or operated on a SaaS model. The architecture is modular, allowing further integrations with other third parties such as encoders and streaming servers. Currently, the VUALTO CONTROL HUB is integrated with Media Excel encoders and the Unified Streaming Platform.

The VUALTO CONTROL HUB integrates with VULIVE, VUREPLAY, VUOD and VUDRM to provide full control of all aspects of the video delivery.