Earlier this year, Microsoft announced plans to release a new version of their internet browser Edge, based on Chromium. One of the key features of this move is that it allows Microsoft to add additional support for Widevine, Google’s DRM, as well as retaining support for PlayReady, their own DRM. This support of multiple DRMs means that the new version of Edge will be able to support more streams at a wider variety of resolutions. One good example of this is that users wishing to stream videos using the latest version of Edge will be able to enjoy their favourite films and TV shows at both 1080p HD and 4K UHD resolutions, unlike users of Safari and Chrome which can at best only stream in 1080p.

In order to try out this feature you will need to go to Microsoft Edge’s insider channels here and download the “Dev” Channel’s version of Edge. To demo Edge’s ability to use either Widevine or PlayReady start by setting up this repo containing an implementation of Google’s Shaka player. Once this is set and you have run “grunt serve” in the folder containing it you should be able to navigate to in the latest version of Edge and be able to view a DRM enabled stream. If you open the developer tools by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + I and click the network tab there will be a call to our PlayReady license server which can be found by searching for “rightsmanager”.

As PlayReady is Microsoft’s own DRM, Edge will always default to using PlayReady if it can so in order to force it to use Widevine we will need to make a small change to the Shaka player’s configuration. On line 20 of the file called “vuplay.js” you will find the code configuring the player’s DRM servers.




To force the player to use Widevine simply remove line 25, setting the PlayReady license server and the comma at the end of line 24.




Now when playing a DRM enabled stream and looking in the network tab, you will see calls to our Widevine license server, which can be found by searching for “proxy”.




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