The video delivery and orchestration tool from VUALTO has evolved once again to offer broadcasters and content owners next-gen OTT solutions. The VUALTO CONTROL HUB (VCH) offers cloud or self-hosted solutions and in line with its flexible, customisable and modular nature, new features are now available to include: Live to Clip (CLIP2VU), Dynamic Playout Profiling and Dynamic Scaling.


CLIP2VU is a live and VOD video clipping and syndication solution, powered by the VCH. CLIP2VU enables content owners to quickly and frame accurately clip highlights in real-time, from their live streams or VOD assets. These clips are made available within seconds for distribution across social media channels or ingest into asset management systems


Dynamic Playout Profiling is now available via the VCH, supporting the creation of multiple playout profiles to be applied to live events ‘on-the-fly’. A playout profile for a live stream provides instructions to the streaming server on certain characteristics of the stream, including type of DRM, DVR window, video formats and URL.

Normally, each live stream would have only one playout profile associated with it, which can mean that devices requiring a slightly different manifest for example, SMART TV’s, would need a separate live stream to be generated from the encoder and streaming server.

Dynamic Playout Profiling provides a huge degree of flexibility meaning that multiple versions of the same streaming event can be configured from the same physical live stream. These playout profiles can be changed ‘on-the-fly’ while the live event is running. There is no need to stop the encoders or the streaming server, with the change to the profile taking effect immediately.


Dynamic Scaling enables you to optimise your cloud-based event streaming.  Event streaming is often wasteful, with virtual resources lying idle and waiting for the next event to take place. Even with automatic scaling, the underlying infrastructure still remains in place, adding to your cloud hosting costs.

By only ‘spinning’ up resources like encoders, streaming origin and cache, as and when required, there are substantial cost savings to be had. Via the VCH, live events can be scheduled, and the necessary resources needed to run those events together with all pathing logic, can be spun up in your chosen cloud just prior to the event starting. This approach not only provides a cost reduction on cloud services, it easily allows your streaming service to move between cloud providers with ease.


The VUALTO CONTROL HUB and it’s ever expanding portfolio of features, enables broadcasters and content owners to employ a flexible OTT solution, with the confidence that it will deliver a return on investment. The VCH enables you have complete control over your OTT video delivery. Smart solutions – for smart results.


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