Video orchestration and delivery gets more flexible!

Video orchestration and delivery gets more flexible!

Flexible Video Delivery

VUALTO have added a new feature to the VUALTO CONTROL HUB (VCH), their video orchestration and delivery tool. With VCH you can now take advantage of Live Playout Profile – Track Filtering.

This new feature allows you to configure a live stream for use by multiple end users, on multiple devices, with multiple subscriber conditions. More specifically, the VCH enables you to be in complete control of the tracks you select. You can select the tracks that you want to present from a publishing point, under different playout manifests.


Complete flexibility is achieved with ease, with the ability to select multiple filters to include:

  • Audio, video and text tracks by type
  • Bitrate
  • Frame size
  • Language


This feature is particularly important for multiple use case scenarios, for instance:

  • You are able to separate SD/HD/4K content to specific playout manifests, which you can apply different DRM settings to. This is useful for OTT platforms offering paid subscriptions, with users who may have differing licensing permissions.


  • You can provide device specific manifests, where dynamic track selection is not feasible or wanted. For instance, with Smart TV’s.


  • You can create language specific manifests, with audio and text tracks for a specific language. This is particularly useful for government bodies where it is a necessity to quickly and easily reach multi languages.


With Live Playout Profile – Track Filtering no encoder setup or restart is required This saves you both time and money. Track filters can be changed with ease enabling you to have complete flexibility on the delivery of your live streams, at all times. For more info on this NEW feature and VCH as a whole, please click here.



Video orchestration & delivery with simple and comprehensive control of all live, VOD and Live2VOD activity through a central API & GUI. The VCH video orchestration platform allows broadcasters and content owners to manage all aspects of their video streaming workflow in one central place. Developed specifically for media workflows, the VCH platform includes: encoders, streaming servers, workflow rules, DRM and player integration all under one hood.