VUALTO joins forces with JW Player to offer customers independence and control in the digital video economy

VUALTO joins forces with JW Player to offer customers independence and control in the digital video economy

We are today announcing that VUALTO is joining forces with JW Player, the leading end-to-end video software and data insights platform. This move will enable to empower our customers with the tools to succeed with their video strategy, to include:

  • High-quality live and on-demand video delivery
  • Content protection
  • Unique video insights
  • Monetization features


What does this news mean for our customers?

For many of our customers, the change will feel minimal. We are remaining VUALTO and will continue to deliver the very best experience to customers, seeking out our VCH, VUDRM or CLIP2VU solutions. The exciting part is that by bringing together two powerhouses of broadcast innovation into an integrated company, we will expand on the joint capabilities of our products. Together we will implement highly-scalable video delivery and unique data insights provided by JW Player, with VUALTO’s market-leading, high-end live streaming and DRM services. The result will be a scalable, fully flexible video platform for broadcasters in the marketplace.

The partnership will blend together complementary teams and expertise, combining VUALTO’s technology and support offering with JW Player’s knowledge in driving global sales and building video and intelligence products. This will help to empower our joint roadmaps and facilitate the creation of a world-class global technology, sales and support organisation.

Together, VUALTO and JW Player will be at the forefront of innovation within the sector, drawing on our combined industry expertise and insights into where the market is heading to drive new technology standards and  user experiences.


What’s next?

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Joining forces with JW Player will enable us to strengthen our offering, explore new markets and expand our global reach, particularly in the North American and LATAM regions, all while ensuring that we remain committed to existing customers. VUALTO employees, meanwhile, will benefit from a range of new career growth and progression opportunities, as well as the advantages of an expanded sales team and an extensive and skilled R&D team.


Camilla Young, CEO and co-founder, VUALTO, said, “This is a huge growth opportunity for us as a business, as well as our employees who will have the chance to achieve a more varied career progression. Our successful partnership with JW Player over the past three quarters has given our teams the opportunity to ‘get to know’ each other under real-world circumstances. Through this, a natural culture match between our teams has already developed, which gives us incredible confidence that together we will be hugely successful. As we embark on this new chapter, our commitment to our existing broadcast customers and our DRM service remains, and we will continue to provide the same high level of support and service that our customers have come to expect from VUALTO.”


Dave Otten, CEO and founder, JW Player, commented, “Profitable growth remains our focus, and the acquisition of VUALTO provides an immediate opportunity to bring broadcast-level live streaming and DRM services to JW Player customers and to innovate together in new markets. For our customers, this translates into an opportunity to grow revenues and gain the independence and control needed to thrive in the Digital Video Economy.”