Dynamic Event Orchestration for pop up channels

Provision your video delivery pipeline 'just in time' for cost savings, flexible tech stack & intelligent scaling

Live Events

Dynamic Event Orchestration from VUALTO - enables seamless creation of pop up channels and events

Event streaming is often wasteful with virtual resources lying idle waiting for the next event to take place. Even with automatic scaling, the underlying infrastructure still remains in place, adding to your cloud hosting costs.

By provisioning the resources required to deliver a pop up channel or event only when they are required, you can plan in advance for high traffic occasions, save cloud compute costs and add flexibility in your choice of cloud provider, streaming server or encoder.

SCALABILITY ON DEMAND, COST BENEFITS and FLEXIBILITY in choice of underlying technology.

Key Features

Optimise your Cloud costs by
provisioning infrastructure only when you need it

The VCH  ‘spins’ up resources like encoders, streaming origin and cache in your chosen cloud, as required, prior to the event starting, This approach not only provides a cost reduction on cloud services but allows your streaming service to move between cloud providers with ease if ever required.

Encoder and Cloud

Our infrastructure profiles hold details and specifications of all the services that need to be provisioned and these profiles are  associated with individual channels or events, allowing those with expected higher traffic to be allocated more resources.

Traffic surge

Using the inbuilt scheduling APIs in the VCH, channels and events can be provisioned, started and stopped automatically. Infrastructure is torn down after the event according to an execution plan which takes into account the need to retain certain services needed for example, to provide DVR or LIVE2VOD.




One off Events

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