Governments, Parliaments and National Institutions have a public duty to be transparent and accessible to their citizens and members. Live broadcasting of meetings is one way to achieve this and increasingly, Governments are looking to replicate the technology and solutions used by the Broadcast world. VUALTO understand the needs of these public sector clients and have a wealth of experience in delivering live and on-demand solutions. We are trusted by and have helped clients to increase the reach and distribution of their content like never before, targeting multiple devices and providing capacity to scale, to cope with high profile public events.

Quality viewing experience

Our public sector clients have the same need as broadcasters – to deliver high quality, adaptive streaming, to multiple devices. Using video delivery infrastructure based on broadcast grade encoders and streaming servers, we deliver live, on-demand and Live2VOD (VUREPLAY) solutions for the dissemination of plenary, chamber and committee meetings.

Suitable for high demand

A budget, a visiting dignitary or a controversial policy decision can result in a huge surge in viewing traffic. We deal with this in the same way as we do for major broadcast events, by using a scalable cloud based infrastructure, monitoring and alerting systems and by constant communication with our clients to prepare for peaks in demand.

Maximise your reach

Controversial speech or interesting committee? Our UK and European based government clients use VULIVE and VUOD to enable easy dissemination and sharing of content, from clipping parts of a stream, sharing on social media networks, to the creation of a downloadable asset.

Boost your metadata

VUPLAY from VUALTO provides support for time-coded metadata, allowing the player to interact with the metadata surrounding it. Use VUPLAY to provide clickable agendas, show chapter points on the player scrub bar and captions in real time.