Media & Entertainment

VUALTO’s clients in the Media & Entertainment sector are often looking to provide a pay per view or subscription service to their viewers, whether by means of SVOD, TVOD or ad-enabled content.  High quality streaming services are vital to enable them to securely deliver quality content, across a multitude of devices, to their global audiences. Their viewers expect value for money and a premium viewing experience. VUALTO use a combination of VULIVE, VUOD, VUDRM, VUREPLAY and VUPLAY to provide the infrastructure, systems and players to support our Media and Entertainment clients, whether it be a premium VOD service or occasional use PPV sporting events.

Content protection

Protecting the content for the rights holders is key. Our VOD (VUOD), LIVE (VULIVE) and Live2VOD (VUREPLAY) workflows can all be integrated with VUDRM, which provides PlayReady, Widevine, Primetime, and FairPlay. The flexibility of VUDRM allows our clients to mix and match their DRM technology providers within their own video delivery workflow.

View across devices

Streaming services need to be available across a myriad of devices. VUPLAY provides players and SDKs for web browsers, iOS/tvOS, Android, Chromecast, STB and many more. Our VUDRM is integrated into various commercial players including THEOplayer and JW Player. We provide DRM enabled providers for dash.js and Shaka.

Flexible workflows

Able to cope with thousands of VOD titles, our ingest and packaging process uses a fully scalable and resilient task engine. We can store and organise rich metadata or integrate with your own CMS or APIs, or we have ready-made integrations with commercial applications such as Brightcove , DALET and Comcast.

Payment Integration

We choose not to manage your users or their payments. Our skill is integrating these third party payment systems and CMS into the overall streaming solutions, while you retain control of your user data. Our token based VUDRM service ensures that only authenticated viewers are issued a licence to view.