OTT Service Providers

OTT Service Providers need to deliver the very best streaming experience to their viewers across a whole host of devices. Often consuming paid-for services, the viewers expect a flawless viewing experience and will not accept the inability to support their favourite browser or buffering in the player. VUALTO use a combination of VULIVE, VUREPLAY, VUOD, VUDRM and VUPLAY to provide the infrastructure, systems and players to support our clients in the OTT market. Our knowledge of scaling infrastructure and solutions allows us to cope with huge audiences, while still providing a robust, resilient and quality service.

Deliver quality content

Delivered via the VUALTO CONTROL HUB, our Cloud based infrastructure ensures consistent and reliable content delivery for your viewers. Our services are highly scalable, from bespoke app design and implementation, to large scale video delivery systems. Built to handle peaks in viewing figures with ease, you can trust VUALTO to deliver quality content to your viewers anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Streaming services need to be available across a myriad of devices. VUPLAY provides players and SDKs for web browsers, iOS/tvOS, Android, Chromecast, STB and many more. Our VUDRM is integrated into various commercial players including THEOplayer and JW Player. We provide DRM enabled providers for dash.js and Shaka.


VUPLAY offers integration with bespoke digital video analytics packages aimed at the broadcast and media industry. This gives you the tools and real-time crowd sourced behavioural data to allow you to really get to know your audience and to optimise your content accordingly. You will be able to tailor content to your target audience whilst making data driven, strategic business decisions too.


We choose not to manage your users or their payments. Our skills lie in integrating these third party payment systems and CMS into the overall streaming solutions, while you retain complete control of your user data. With our token based VUDRM service, you can ensure that only authenticated viewers are issued a licence to view.

Protect your content

We understand the importance of protecting your content against unauthorised access. VUDRM allows you to decide who accesses your content, through its’ fully scalable cloud based SaaS, providing multi-vendor DRM controlled by a common API. Whether it be a premium VOD service or occasional use PPV sporting events, VUALTO can make this happen.